Protocol for Formatting CAP Policy Statements


The Campus Administrative Policies (CAP) provide general information on Cal Poly’s administrative structure; contain locally developed policies, guidelines and governing regulations; and include information on externally developed laws, rules or regulations under which the University operates. (Routine procedures shall not be delineated in CAP except where procedures have particular significance.)


Policies: The formal guidance needed to coordinate and execute activity throughout the institution. When effectively deployed, policy statements help focus attention and resources on high priority issues - aligning and merging efforts to achieve the institutional vision. Policy provides the operational framework within which the institution functions.

Procedures: The operational processes required to implement institutional policy. Operating practices can be formal or informal, specific to a department or applicable across the entire institution. If policy is "what" the institution does operationally, then its procedures are "how" it intends to carry out those operating policy expressions.


Typically, policy statements shall include the following: CAP Number and Title, Policy and Reference Section. Policy statements may also include statements of Objectives. The order of presentation of each element of the policy statement and additional information about each element, are noted below.

  • CAP Number and Title ( e.g., 200 Academic Affairs)
  • The Policy section shall be a statement that provides clear, concise formal guidance for institutional decisions and actions. The policy shall usually be stated in a single sentence or paragraph. The statement will include:
    • a statement of the policy
    • definitions
  • The Objectives section may be a statement of the desired end results of the policy.
  • The References section pertains to approval, implementation and amendment of the policy and lists related policies.
    • IMPORTANT - list and link to related materials so procedures can be followed that implement the policy.
    • The reference section should be formatted as follows:

References for CAP XXX:

  1. Date approved by the President: TBD
  2. Effective Date: TBD
  3. Responsible Department/Office(s):
  4. Revision History:
  5. Related University Policies, Procedures, Manuals and/or Documents:
    1. Xxx
    2. Xxx
  6. Laws, Regulations, and/or Codes of practice referred to herein or related to this policy:
    1. Xxx
    2. Xxx

Note: The CAP project has adopted the following style guide: University of Chicago Press. The Chicago Manual of Style. 16th ed. Chicago: University of Chicago, 2010.

Date last updated: May 1, 2013

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