Organizing Principles and Guidelines

1. The CAP Table of Contents

The CAP Table of Contents should mirror the divisional structure of the University, and include as major headings section titles that mirror that structure (i.e., "Academic Affairs," "Administration and Finance," etc.). The present numbering system should be maintained in the Table of Contents and throughout CAP, as a useful tool for amending CAP.

2. Policy vs. Procedure

CAP should emphasize policies and should be published and kept up to date by the Administrative Compliance Services department. Where a procedure has particular significance, consideration may be given to including it in CAP, but only in exceptional cases. As much as possible, CAP should avoid use of appendices or administrative bulletins.

3. Publication Method

CAP will be published electronically and will be accessible from the Cal Poly home page.

4. Division Procedures

The University’s divisions shall establish, publish and keep up-to-date separate collections of procedures specific to each division.

5. CAP Review and Approval

See the Campus Administrative Policies (CAP) Review and Approval Process for the process map.


Last updated: August 5, 2014

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