Composition, Charge and Timetable

CAP Ad Hoc Committee (Established 11/7/12)

Primary Ad Hoc Membership

  • CAP Project Director (PD) / Chair, Assistant Vice President of Strategic Business Services - Dru Zachmeyer
  • Chief of Staff to the President - Jessica Darin
  • Academic Affairs Division - Kimi Ikeda
  • Administration and Finance Division -Victor Brancart
  • Student Affairs Division - Joette Eisengart
  • University Advancement Division - Grant Trexler

On Call Ad Hoc Membership

  • Cal Poly Corporation (CPC) - To be nominated by VP AFD (Starr Lee)
  • Academic Senate (AS) - To be nominated by AS Chair (TBD)
  • ASI, Inc. - To be nominated by VP SA (Dwayne Brummett)
  • ASI, Inc. (Student Representative) - To be nominated by VP SA (Anthony Haddad)
  • Others - To be determined by CAP PD

Staff Support

  • University Attorney - Dawn Theodora
  • Staff and web publication support - Leah Villa

CAP Committee Charge

The CAP Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Development and revision of CAP Table of Contents.
  • Establishment and revision of procedures for development of CAP sections by divisions and for consultation within each division and other campus constituencies.
  • Establishment and revision of editorial guidelines, to include procedures for searching and cross-referencing CAP sections and divisional support materials.
  • Primary members will meet regularly throughout the project duration and the on-call Ad Hoc members will be called upon as appropriate.

On an on-going basis:

  • Divisions develop plans and time tables for development or revisions of CAP sections.
  • Division management submits draft CAP sections to the CAP Committee on an as completed basis, in accordance with the CAP Table of Contents and divisional plans.
  • CAP Committee reviews submitted draft CAP sections on an as required basis; refers questions/comments about draft sections back to divisions for response.
  • CAP committee refers accepted CAP sections directly to President’s Office for final approval.
  • Committee chair and support staff coordinate web publication of presidentially approved CAP sections.

Last updated: September 28, 2016